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Welcome explorers!

to the retro-futuristic art home world of Rob Murdoch

Within you will find examples of art imagined by the mind of a Puny Earthling influenced by Sci Fi, Architecture & Machinery design of the 30’s 40’s & 50’s.

After spending possibly several light years fabricating these items, mostly from recycled parts, Rob is finally able to bring you an assortment of Rayguns, Blasters, Otherworld Vehicles and Vessels. Also discover Creatures modeled in the likeness of those inhabiting a particularly familiar small blue/green planet.

You can also choose to visit Rob’s creations in real life in his gallery in Tauranga, New Zealand.


All types of weird machines, vehicles, robots and other technological characters.


Our arsenal of weapons inspires art. Guns to swords and everthing in-between!


Sculptures with our retro-futuristic twist. Perfect to decorate your own mothership.


Art Inspired by life forms found on Earth

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“I first saw Rob’s work at a local Gallery exhibition. It is truly amazing how he creates pieces that you fully believe would exist in an alternative reality out of seemingly random parts. Both his artistry and quality of engineering are out-of-this-world.”

Designer, Tauranga