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Robot: Orion – NOT FOR SALE

NOT FOR SALE! Sorry, he’s now part of our family.

“Orion – The Hunter” – Prepare to be Shocked and Astounded….We would like to say more but our lawyers told us not to…..

(however if you promise not to tell them….. then read further young travellers)

Orion – is only this Galaxy’s fiercest bounty hunter. Non human but with the cunning and intellect to hunt the lowest and most vile of the galaxy’s wanted.
Why, many a child has lain awake at night wondering if they would ever meet the great hunter Orion that their fathers (and not to appear biased,
Hive Egg Layers and clone material donors.) told them about. Race does not matter, Distance does not matter, if you are a criminal and you appear on the
inbuilt radar of Orion, then make your peace, pray to whatever deity you revere and wait for his painful brand of Justice.

Orion the Bounty Hunting Robot stands 5′ 10″ (1.78m) tall and weighs 55lbs (25 kgs) He is manufactured primarily from Aluminium, Magnesium, Bronze, Copper & Brass.
He has over 570 separate parts and has an illuminated eye, chest power light and exhausts that have a healthy internal glow!
He is fully articulated from fingers to toes and can be posed in virtually as many embarrassing positions as a drunken Space Cadet!